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Bookmarked Pages

Why Use Bookmarks?

Bookmarking pages in Bonboarding serves two primary purposes:

  1. Targeted Product Tours: Bookmarks allow you to create specific entry points for your product tours, ensuring that users receive guidance on the most relevant pages.

  2. Custom Functionality: You can set up custom behaviors or content to appear on particular URLs, enhancing the user experience in specific areas of your application.

Creating a Bookmark

To create a bookmark in Bonboarding:

  1. Open the Bonboarding Studio Chrome Extension.
  2. Navigate to the site you want to bookmark.
  3. Click the bookmark icon in the extension.
  4. Add a name for your bookmark.
  5. Verify the URL path.
  6. Click "Save".
Bookmarking a page in Bonboarding

Bookmarking Dynamic URLs

Many modern web applications use dynamic URLs that change based on user actions or data.

For example, a user profile page might have a URL like, where 12345 is the user ID, or a product page might look like
Bonboarding allows you to bookmark these dynamic URLs effectively:

  1. Identify Dynamic Parts:
    Look for parts of the URL that change, such as IDs, usernames, or query parameters.

  2. Replace with Placeholders:
    Use curly brackets {} to create placeholders for dynamic parts.

    Original URL:
    Bookmarked URL: /projects/{projectId}/edit

  3. Add Default Values: You'll see options to add default values for each placeholder.
    These default values are used when you want to preview the tour or when the actual values aren't available.

    Placeholder: {projectId}
    Default Value: demo-project

Dynamic parameters in bookmarks

Your bookmarks work across different instances of similar pages.
If your URL structure changes slightly, you often only need to update the bookmark once.

Managing Bookmarks

Once a bookmark is set:

  • On bookmarked pages, a white-filled bookmark icon appears in the editor.
  • The bookmark name is displayed next to the icon.
Current page is bookmarked
  • Click the dropdown next to the bookmark to:
    • Edit the bookmark
    • Delete the bookmark
    • Open the bookmarked page (placeholders are replaced with default values)
What to do with bookmarks

Targeting Flows with Bookmarks

To start a flow on specific pages:

  1. In the flows page, find your flow and locate the targeting rules.
  2. Choose the "Bookmarked Page" option.
  3. Select which bookmark should trigger the flow.
What to do with bookmarks

Showing Popups on Bookmarked Pages

To display popups on specific pages during a product tour:

  1. In the popup properties panel, go to the "Show up" section.
  2. Select "On page load".
  3. Choose the appropriate bookmarked pages from the list.

This feature allows you to pause your product tour until the user reaches a certain page, ensuring that guidance is provided at the most relevant moments.

What to do with bookmarks